Juniata Park Academy Students Reflect on The Nutcracker

Photo: Dave Moser

My Christmas Holiday

Have you ever wondered why Christmas makes so many people happy?  Well, today I’m going to tell you about my Christmas and how it affects my mood.

My holiday begins in my home in the Juniata Park Area.  My mom and grandmother, sister and I get together and open our gifts.  Then we’ll celebrate by eating good food.  We have rice, beans, chicken and potatoes.  After dinner we make cookies together for dessert.  Afterwards we’ll watch Christmas movies and sing Christmas carols.  I feel so excited for this special day each year!

The Nutcracker stage had tons of people on it.  Everyone looked like family or friends.  Like my family, they were having a good time.  I dance with my family just like I saw the players dancing on stage having lots of fun.  Since we only saw the first act in the Nutcracker, we didn’t actually see any presents being opened.  Also, I didn’t see any games being played on stage.  Sometimes we go outside and play snowball fight and make a snowman.  Once we went as a family to New York City and stood with the Statue of Liberty in the snow and took our picture.  I’ll remember that Christmas most of all.  The Nutcracker felt kind of like that for me too.

So this is why my mood is so happy at this time of the year.  Christmas is filled with presents, dancing, eating and spending time with family and friends.


Amir Coleman, 6th grade


Mr. Heim

Juniata Park Academy


Christmas Time

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday.  There are so many things to view, listen to, smell, savor and feel as you come across them.  All these things really get me into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas in my family household brings a lot of warmth to my heart and makes me feel delighted.  As excited as I am already, my excitement doesn’t stop there as my beloved family walks through my white glass door.  I mostly see family members.  Some are sweet and others are only pleasant when you’re there.  But after you leave they start talking all about you.  Passing through the door is mostly my little trouble team, which are basically my dearest cousins.  We sit down and talk and laugh over the crazy lives that we continue and the things we missed.  Oh great, I totally forgot about the next phase of our get together.  My mom tells all my embarrassing moments in life, ugh!  I better prepare myself for the stares and laughs.  By that time it’s dinner.  Heaven is just flowing into air as I put my head up to take a quick shift.  Everyone joins me and all you smell is the tasty ham with a hint of cinnamon and cold juicy pineapples with yellow rice.  Next is smell mouth watering chicken as everyone rushes to the kitchen like it’s a race and it sucks because the food always runs out.  As we eat, we talk and watch movies.  Now a new smell come lagging in but this time it’s brownies with minty crushed candy canes and a beautiful chocolate cake with melted chocolate chips inside, covered in a nice coat of white chocolate.  It’s just to die for!  After we eat we open presents.  Smiles spread across the room.  But don’t give anyone anything expensive or their mom will say, “Let me put this on Facebook”, happens all the time.  But my Christmas in my house makes my heart all warmed up. With my family’s love and laughter it makes me love Christmas even more.  I don’t want Christmas to end and I can’t wait for next Christmas already.

At the ballet, there was always that group of boys that mocks your peace.  Their Christmas was similar to the activities I do at my house.  In one of the scenes, the girls were at peace, but then a group of boys came and disturbed them.  It’s similar to my family because as my girl cousins and I are playing, the boys come and bother us and interrupt our conversations.  In one of the scenes, as everyone walks in through the doors everyone enjoys to see each other.  That’s the same for my family as my parents enjoy when family members come to visit.

The difference between my family and the ballet was everyone was dressed in really stunning, big, poofy dresses and a very fancy hairstyle.  In my family we just go and dress nicely, but not so fancy.  In another scene, they all seem to like one another but in my family, mostly everyone likes each other.

So now you know how I compared the Nutcracker to my family’s Christmas and I hope you understand my feelings for both.


Ninel Espino, 7th grade


Mr. Heim

Juniata Park Academy


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